Cimilre S3 Double Electric Breast Pump

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The S3 is a comprehensive, comfortable double electric hospital powered breast pump used for stimulation and expression of breastmilk. The S3 can be used to maintain, initiate, and increase a mom’s supply. This pump has many great features that allow a mom to not only be comfortable, but feel confident in having an effective breast pump to meet her everyday breast pumping needs. With all Cimilre breast pumps, the S3 is a closed system pump with a back-flow protector to allow for complete protection from the backup of milk into the pump and tubing. Having this hygienic barrier is very important when deciding on what pump to go with. The S3 is unique in its customizable technology with adjustable levels of suction cycles, and multiple expression and massage mode and the ability to adjust these settings independently, making for a comfortable pumping experience, while mimicking the baby’s sucking patterns. Some of the other features that allow for a comfortable breastfeeding experience is built in night light for night time pumping, timer display for easy recording, ultra-silent for pumping at work or middle of the night, compact in size, handle for easy mobility, user friendly for easy pumping, and automatic shut off timer at 30 minutes for safety. These features along with the light weight and comfortable designed suction technology that the Cimilre S3 has to offer is sure to help ease mom and baby into this journey with great care.
  • Single or Double Pumping
  • Closed Complete Protection System
  • Hospital Strength
  • Built in Night light
  • Timer display for easy tracking of pumping time
  • Ultra-Silent
  • Automatic Shutoff at 30 mins
  • Handle for easy mobility
  • User friendly for easy and comfortable pumping
  • Independent adjustment of cycle and vacuum
  • More than 280 mmHg suction strength
  • Weight: just below 2 lbs. (880 grams)
  • International compatible dual voltage 100-240V

  • Double electric powered pumping unit.
  • 12V Power cord.
  • 2 24mm breast shields- wide neck.
  • 2 28mm breast shields- wide neck.
  • 2 backflow protectors.
  • 2 silicone valves.
  • 2 tubing.
  • 2 narrow neck bottles.
  • 2 narrow neck bottle adapters.

How to Use:
  • When you first start the pump, it begins in expression mode. It is recommended to first begin pumping in the massage mode. Click the three wave/massage button to activate the massage setting for fast suction cycle and low vacuum to help with the letdown phase. The massage mode mimics the breastfeeding baby, when the baby is first latched on to the breast. The baby does short, shallow sucks to assist the mom’s letdown reflex. When you began seeing milk flowing, you can switch to “expression mode” by clicking the massage button again, which would mimic baby’s long, deeper, slower sucking pattern. Thus, all Cimilre pumps are designed to allow you to have the closest breastfeeding experience.
  • Choosing your suction/vacuum setting: Start off with vacuum low and then gradually increase the vacuum setting to your comfort level. You will find that the level of vacuum that you are comfortable, varies day to day. It is important not to set suction level so high that it makes you uncomfortable, resulting in pain, which will hinder your milk flow.
  • Have the control with both speed and suction is key to more milk. Start all the way up on speed, but all the way down on suction
    1. During the massage mode to help with getting a let down, you can try higher speed with lower suction.
    2. Where as during expression mode, once you see the milk flowing down, you to decrease the speed for deep sucking patter and increase suction level to comfort level with no pain.
    3. While continuing to express, you can continue to increase speed but not changing the suction level. 
    4. To initiate another let down, Bring your speed back down and repeat. Maximize emptying of breast and get 2nd, 3rd, 4th, milk release.
  • What is a cycle? Cycles per minute (cpm) is the number of cycles your backflow protector pulls back in a minute, this mimics the suck patterns of baby and can be customized to any need you may have. Average suction cycle to mimic healthy term baby is 42-46 but you may also try lower cycle if your baby is slower eater or faster cycle if your baby is a faster eater. Moms can respond differently to different cycles, so feel free to fluctuate to figure out your customize cycle to help you express more.
  • Have a clogged duct? Have mastitis? You can use your S3 pump settings to help get you through this uncomfortable time to a more comfortable situation. You want to use low cycle around 36 cpm with a higher comfortable suction/pull to help pull this clog out. The long draw from the cycle but the strong pull from the high suction in combination will be the best remedy to use your pump settings to help provide comfort. Also dangle pumping while doing this to allow gravity to help pull the clog and empty the breast during mastitis. Dangle pumping is leaning over and allowing your breasts to dangle while pumping.
  • Multiple let downs: Some moms can have multiple let downs. If you notice mid pumping your flow is slowing down you will want to switch back to massage mode to stimulate another let down and return to expression to finish your pumping session.

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