Cimilre Hands Free Breast Shield Kit

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Cimilre hands-free breast shield set allows for more convenient and comfortable pumping. The hands-free breast shield offers extra convenience to busy moms to be able to express their milk while attending to other activities. It also avoids the hassle of being tied down and having to change to pumping bra in order to be hands free. The hands-free breast shield fits easily onto the bra allowing you to enjoy other activities as you express. The hands-free shield set is compatible with multiple pumps including the Cimilre S3 and Cimilre F1 powered breast pumps. We are excited to offer moms the freedom of pumping and performing their daily activities simultaneously. It allows for compatibility with our complete backflow protection system. It is our commitment at Cimilre to help concur some of your challenges and we know one of them is the ability to take the time to pump without taking away from other daily tasks such as care of other siblings, household chores, daily office routine, etc. Our hands-free breast shield set does NOT compromise the suction and effectiveness of the pump. The other unique feature of this set is the collection of milk occurs in the bottle which allows for not losing any amount of milk which was one of the challenges with other like products on the market. Another restriction of like products was the amount collected was limited, so if you were an over-supplier it was hard to collect large amounts of milk without emptying contents, this allows for the freedom to collect as much milk as our bottle holds (5 ounces).  You can use any narrow neck bottle to attach directly to the shields. This customization allows for hands free with NO limits.


    • Closed Complete Protection System
    • User friendly for easy and comfortable pumping
    • Easy cleaning


    • 1 breast shield and cover
    • 1 Backflow protector
    • 1 silicone valve
    • 1 tubing
    • 1 narrow neck bottles

    How to Use:

    • Ensure the flanges are well centered with the nipple prior to begin pumping to prevent any damage.
    • Components disassemble easily for cleaning.
    • Compatible with multiple breast pump brands—these soft and comfortable breast shield products are an accessory to use with different breast brands and storing bottle including Cimilre for expressing breast milk in a convenient and hands-free way.

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