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The Post Surgical JP Drain Belt

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Shower independently during your surgery recovery with the Post Surgical Drain Belt. Our patented belt holds up to four (4) post-operative fluid drains while in recovery from a major surgery such as mastectomy, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, and breast reduction recovery, organ transplant, open heart surgery.

The Post Surgical Drain Belt can also be worn throughout the day under clothing to support postoperative drains.


    • Each pocket fits two post-operative drains, four drains total
    • Adjustable strap provides maximum comfort and fit

    More About the JP Drain Belt:

    Perfect for Post-Operative Drains but also wonderful for those who are differently abled, or just convenience oriented! Upgrade your shower experience!

    Shower Belt fabric is a wicking, and quick dring so you can just use it perfect for everyday use. The sturdy fabric can support shampoo bottles, body wash, soap, AMAZING for situations where a free hand might be useful, such as while camping (Can we get MORE outside of the box, haha.). Our belt is designed so that water, soap, grime and air easily pass through, for quick drying but, this spectacular belt is also completely machine washable!

    The flexible design of this belt is soft and comfortable against bare skin, without trapping water or soap.

    Convenient and corrosion-resistant plastic clips stay strong for long term use.

    Adjustable size range and compatible design allow for use across the chest, abdomen, waist, knees or legs. We designed this belt to be optimally adjustable: Interlocking clip design allows you to fasten multiple belts together, and pockets slip on and off, so you can add additional pockets as needed (extra pockets and additional belts sold separately).

    Some other items to consider if you are purchasing this bundle for post-operative recovery.

    • Hot/Cold Packs: Cold or Hot therapy packs fit perfectly into Recovery Bra (included with every Brobe) or Comfort Pillow to help reduce pain or swelling
    • Post-Operative/Thermal Comfort Recovery Bra: Bra includes inner breast pockets for Ice Packs or prosthetic breasts. Having one recovery bra is essential, but it's always a good idea (and very convenient) to have an extra bra to wear while the other is in the wash.
    • Thermal Comfort Contour Pillow: Super soft, machine washable pillow, designed to hold hot/cold packs for targeted thermal therapy relief & hot or cold relief.
    • Cooling Wrap: Scarf designed to cool core body temperature for 3-4 hours of relief via crystal polymer cooling technology. Non-toxic, completely reusable & tucks discreetly into your favorite summer scarf.
    • Extra Recovery Brobe (Robe + Recovery Bra Combo): Most women basically live in their Brobe for the weeks following surgery, so it's good to have an extra Recovery Brobe for a little variety (and post-op hygiene).
    • “Healing Comfortably”: This 26-page guide is tailored to those going through breast surgery but the tips and insights are useful for most people walking the road to recovery.

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