While we are best known for our Wig Through Insurance program, we are so much more than that. 


We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Houston, Texas, founded by a group of medical professionals who believe true healing begins with holistic care of an individual. A holistic health approach means treating the whole you and providing support for your physical, mental, and social needs. We believe all of these aspects affect your overall health and being unwell in any one of these areas affect you in the others. For example, mental stress and anxiety can cause physical symptoms like headaches, insomnia, eating disorder, and weight gain. And similarly, a physical illness can affect your mental health and cause feelings of anxiousness and depression which then can also have a strain on your social circle and relationships. Understanding this, TRS Care strives to take a holistic approach when caring for its patients to provide care for your overall health and life.


How do we accomplish this, you ask? We focus on all three areas - your mental health, your physical heath, and your social needs.

Mental health: We believe true healing begins with oneself, and part of the mental healing process is being confident in your body and the way you look. We help our cancer patients feel comfortable in their new body by helping them qualify for medical wigs and prosthesis through their insurance so they can feel like themselves again and regain their pre-treatment confidence. We also offer in-person and online mental health counseling for all our patients and connect them with our therapists who help our patients treat mental and emotional health disorders, relationship issues and life challenges.

Physical health: We have a community clinic location in Houston, Texas, that provides low-cost healthcare to local underserved and uninsured communities in the Greater Houston area. We provide primary care, pediatric care, lab tests, imaging, and telehealth services at our clinic. Our doctors at TRS Health use a holistic approach in their treatments. While providing treatment to your illness or injury, they also suggest lifestyle changes best suited for you and educate you on how to make better choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Social needs: We understand how important the support from friends, family, and community is for the wellness of an individual. Good friends are good for your health. They help increase your sense of belonging and purpose and help you get through difficult times in life. Which is why we have built our #TRSThrivers community. Cancer patients from various backgrounds and diagnoses share their stories on our platform and connect with other individuals fighting a similar battle. You can learn more about each of our endeavors in more detail below.


Chemotherapy-induced hair loss is more than a vanity issue. It can take an emotional toll on a cancer patient’s life and can deepen feelings of loss and sadness. In a study examining the effects of chemotherapy on self-esteem and body image, it was found that 73.3% of the patients did not feel as self-confident as before treatment and that for 46.6% alopecia was the most traumatic side effect of chemotherapy. 

Our hair is a big part of our identity. Suddenly losing it with cancer treatment can be one of the most distressing things for both men and women. Battling cancer is already emotionally and physically draining, and dealing with hair loss just adds on to the anguish. There are multiple ways of coping with self-image changes and hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Some patients feel more comfortable in a wig that they use for daily wear, while others choose to rock their new bald look and keep the wigs for special occasions. Regardless of what you choose, TRS Care is here for you on your journey. We help you take control of your body image after cancer and educate you on the resources that are available for you to make your hair loss look good. 

Many people don't know this, but most insurance providers have provisions for covering a medical wig due to a cancer diagnosis. TRS Care is a nonprofit durable medical equipment supplier that works with your insurance provider to verify your eligibility for a cranial prosthesis or medical wig and help you qualify for one at absolutely no cost. We are currently accepting Tricare, Aetna, Cigna, and ChampVA. Learn more about our Qualify through Insurance program here.



Cancer changes us in multiple ways, and our physical appearance is a major one. Whether it be a temporary change like hair loss or a permanent one like missing a body part, we are different - and we look different -post-cancer. This can cause feelings of a "loss of self" and spark feelings of anxiety and depression. It takes time. It takes time to fully heal and recover from emotional and physical scars. 

And part of the post-mastectomy healing process is learning to feel confident in your new body. Some women choose to wear a prosthesis before they have a later breast reconstruction. Others may choose not or are unable to have a reconstruction and may wear a prosthesis long term. Regardless of what you choose, it can be difficult (and expensive) to find a well-fitting bra or breast prosthesis after breast cancer. 

At TRS Care, we help you get fitted for a prosthesis that is perfect for you and your body. We carry breast forms with a natural feel that will provide you with the shape and definition to restore your silhouette and compression bras with gentle fabrics that will help you with your post-mastectomy recovery. And we do all of this for absolutely no cost to you.

Most health insurances cover bras, breast prosthesis, breast forms, and compression garments/camisoles after a mastectomy whether you have a breast reconstruction or not. TRS Care helps you verify your eligibility with your insurance and helps you qualify for a breast prosthesis at no cost. You can get started here

Our goal is to help you find your new confidence in post-surgical garments that help you feel feminine, comfortable, and confident again. 


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At TRS Care, we hope to build a social network that connects you with other cancer patients who are fighting or have fought a similar battle as you. Our TRS Thriver blog allows you to share your cancer story and also read other people's stories to learn about treatment options, side effects, experiences, resources, and tips for coping through cancer. Our online #TRSThriver community helps our cancer patients find support no matter where they live and find support and guidance from someone who has been in their shoes.

You can submit your story here.

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TRS Health is our community clinic location in Houston, Texas. We provide free and/or low-cost primary care, telemedicine, pediatric care, and mental health care services to the uninsured populations in the Greater Houston area. We officially started our Stafford clinic in September 2020 with a part-time volunteer team of doctors, nurses, and medical students with a vision to provide affordable and holistic healthcare to under-served families. A year later, with all your love and support, we now have a full-time medical staff dedicated to providing quality comprehensive healthcare services online and in-person. We hope to continue to grow and envision a community unified in the spirit of humanity with the goal to build better lives and a healthier society. Learn more about our services and recent projects here.

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Qualify through insurance program

TRS Care is a leading durable medical equipment supplier who helps you qualify for a free medical wigs, mastectomy recovery care products, and lymphedema compression wear through your insurance. You shouldn’t have to worry about paying for your cranial prosthesis or recovery care items on top of everything else that is going on in your life! We are currently accepting Tricare, Aetna, Cigna, and ChampVA. You can qualify here.

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TRS Health Clinic

TRS Health is our community clinic location in Houston, Texas. We provide low-cost primary care, mental health, and pediatric care services to the uninsured community in the Greater Houston area. 


The acronym, “TRS”, stands for “The Rising Sun”. Our logo represents the sun at dawn, symbolizing a sign of hope guiding people to new beginnings. We hope to build a cancer support community for you that is dedicated to inspire, empower, and heal.