Thank you so much for choosing TRS Care to help you qualify for a wig through your insurance. We hope you love your new wig and are happy with our services! If so, could you please take a few minutes to leave us a video interview?

Here are some talking points to help you out. Please feel free to add/remove anything you like. This is your story to tell. You may tell it however you like :)

  • If you are comfortable, please tell us a little bit about your cancer diagnosis and your hairloss journey. 
  • How did you find out about TRS Care?
  • How was your experience with TRS Care? Did our customer service match your expectations?
  • How long did the whole process take from verifying eligibility with insurance, to selecting a wig, to shipping?
  • Were you able to find a wig that you love on our website? 
  • Would you recommend our services to other patients experiencing hair loss?
  • We would love to see you rock your new wig! Would you be willing to show us how it looks on you? :) 

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                Thank you for helping us out! Your feedback will help us to continue providing our services to more patients in need of a wig through insurance and will help other patients to make confident decisions.

                Real People. Real Stories.