Hi! We are so happy you are here. With the help of our donors and supporters, TRS Care has started a “You Shop. We Give” campaign, where our supporters purchase select items from our online store or donate to our cause, and we give back to the cancer community. 

Official giveaway rules and the legal stuff.

Here are a few things you should know. When we notify the potential winner, the phone call will be recorded. We want to be able to get your super awesome reaction when you’ve found out about the new wig you’ve won. Once you receive the wig, we may ask you to join us for a video interview and/or ask you to send us pictures, so we can show off your new wig to the world. These pictures, videos, and recordings may be shared on our website, social media, and advertising. To enter our giveaway, you must read and acknowledge the legal stuff below.

I hereby give my consent to TRS Care, its affiliates and agents, to use my image and likeness and/or any interview statements from me in its publications, advertising, or other media activities (including the Internet). I grant TRS Care:

  • Permission to interview, film, photograph, tape, or otherwise make a video reproduction of me and/or record my voice;
  • Permission to use my name and my medical diagnosis; and
  • Permission to use quotes from the interview(s) (or excerpts of such quotes), the film, photograph(s), tape(s) or reproduction(s) of me, and/or recording of my voice, in part or in whole, in its publications, in newspapers, magazines and other print media, on television, radio and electronic media (including the Internet), in theatrical media and/or in mailings for educational and awareness.

I release TRS Care and their respective employees, officers and agents from any and all liability which may arise from the use of such news media stories, promotional materials, written articles, videotape and/or photographs.

I understand that I can revoke this permission at any time in writing and that the use of my photos or other information authorized by this release will immediately cease. I understand that revoking this release does not include any posts already used by the authorization of this release.

This consent is given in perpetuity, and does not require prior approval by me.

How it works.

  1. Our supporters purchase items from our online store.
  2. We match their purchase dollar for dollar.
  3. We donate a $600 retail value medical wig to a cancer patient like you. 

How to enter for a chance to receive a wig.

  1. To be nominated by a loved one: Your loved ones can purchase a #SipAndThrive bottle from our website and nominate you to receive a wig. For every 15 bottles that are purchased on our website, we donate a wig to a patient in need. The more bottles are purchased, the more wigs we can give away!
  2. To be automatically entered by TRS Care: If have already filled out the Qualify Through Insurance and given your consent to automatically enter you in our giveaways, you will be enter you into this giveaway for free! No purchase is necessary to enter.
  3. You may fill out the form above to enter: Please read and acknowledge the giveaway rules on the form above. 

Who can enter the campaign?

We love to see everyone having a guaranteed great hair day, but this campaign is specifically for patients experiencing hair loss due to a medical reason. This means that any individual who has entered/or has been entered to the campaign must be able to provide a proof of diagnosis of medical hair loss from their physician. 

Also, this campaign is only open to the legal residents of the United States, and you must be 18 years of age or older to participate. If you are under 18, please have your parent or legal guardian fill out the form on your behalf.

How do I know I have won?

We will use an automated random drawing process to draw potential winner(s) of this campaign. A confirmation process, which includes a verification of full legal names, addresses, and medical hair diagnosis, will be conducted by TRS Care. Winner and, if applicable, their nominator agree to fully cooperate with TRS Care in conducting the confirmation process. If it is found that the nominee does not meet the requirements of the giveaway, TRS Care will disqualify said winner and move on to the next randomly drawn potential winner. Pending a positive outcome of the confirmation process, a TRS Care care specialist will notify the potential winner via email and phone, and ask them to choose a wig of up to $600 retail value from our website.

If you did not win the giveaway this time, do not worry! You will be entered into our next drawing automatically! :) 

Thank you for entering our giveaway. Good luck!!



The TRS Care team.


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