Power Comfort Socks - Knee High | Juzo

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Color: Black
Juzo Power Comfort Socks offer a broad ribbed for casual good looks and a thick padded sole providing all day cushioning for feet that work hard and play hard. Power Comfort Socks deliver a therapeutic punch – the compression you need for healthy legs.


  • Styles: Knee High
  • Sizes: NEW 15-20 sizing using shoe size - M, L, XL - 20-30 sizing - S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Lengths: Standard, Tall (20-30)
  • Compressions: 15-20 & 20-30 mmHg


  • NEW 15-20 sizing using shoe size
  • Broad ribbed with a classic or retro stripes look
  • Moisture control, material wicks moisture away from skin
  • Padded sole
  • Arch support, providing an enhanced fit
  • Seamless toe
  • Machine wash and dry


  • Varicose & Spider veins
  • Pre & Post Vein procedures
  • Edema/swelling mild to moderate
  • Post Thrombotic Syndrome (Experience pain or selling after DVT)
  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)-(Poor Circulation)

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