53-year-old woman diagnosed with Breast Cancer - Melody M.

We asked Melody M. to tell us about her breast cancer journey. We hope that her experience will become an inspiration for those facing similar challenges as well as advice. 


Melody, tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Melody M. I recently found out that I had breast cancer that went to bone cancer I start radiation next week and then we'll do some slow therapy it wasn't expected on the 53-year-old woman and it was just not expected I guess I've had this cancer for a while and didn't know it's in stage four and I would love to have a beautiful way whenever I lose my hair if that's possible.

How did you first become aware of your cancer?

That would be the first day when I went to the ER because my legs hurt so bad that I couldn't walk anymore they told me I had bone cancer and sent me home the next two days went by and then I broke my leg and then I went back to the hospital.

How did the pandemic affect it?

When I went back to the hospital because of my broken leg I learned more about nurses and doctors and I'm so grateful for them. It's crazy during the pandemic time because I'm sure they would have let me stay longer if it wasn't for the pandemic.

I guess the whole thing is going to be a memory and getting to over it and then being able to walk free from cancer, or at least live life longer with cancer under control. That is all I can do.

How was chemo treating you?

I was told that radiation is going to make me lose my hair. I have bone lesions so they're going to have to use radiation to get rid of the bone lesions starting next week, your prayers are welcome if you wanted to pray!

Of course! So did cancer affect your family life and relationships?

Yes getting cancer has affected my relationships and my family they're having to do more for me I can't move all I can do is sit and wait for them.

I miss being able to work, I miss being able to walk and being able to make my own food, for it to taste good.

I miss having energy spending time with my kids it's been hard for me but I'm making it through my family is helped me as much as they can and as stepped up I am so appreciative of them

Was there a huge impact on your life, because of cancer?

I'm not sure what to say, it's just kind of a really big huge shock I cry a lot, I'm alone, I got divorced because of this. I'm sure that it was because of my low energy that my marriage didn't work out.

Did you or your loved one join any support groups? 

No, but I think I will look into that and try to find some cancer groups that I can go to talk to them and that my family can talk to you thank you that's very good advice.

Wow, we hope you can find a support group that can help you and your family stay strong! Thank you so much for sharing this with us and allowing us to be part of your journey. We wish you the best of luck and you WILL get through this!

Thank you!

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