Starting Her Journey With Stage 4 Cancer - Martha B

How I Found Out I Have Stage 4 Cancer

I had been out working on my son's memorial garden. As I was sitting on the back porch I reached up and scratched my left armpit and I felt a golf ball size lump.

My heart sank.

I instantly knew it was cancer.

For 2 months I would spend every single day going to the cancer center. I learned I was triple-negative breast cancer without a primary. I was at stage 4, which had metastasized to my lymph nodes under my arm at my collar bone and going up to the neck. I have had one AC chemo treatment and have lost all my hair everywhere.

My Life With Chemo

I have had one AC or what they call "The Red Devil Chemo Treatment" and have lost all my hair everywhere. I've been extremely tired and had bone pain.

I'm a single mom on disability from other health issues. I've only had one chemo so far because my 15-year-old daughter and I came down with covid. I'm due to restart chemo on the 24th.

Hardest Time of My Life

My son and oldest daughter have abandoned me in Nevada and I had to spend all day at the cancer center. I'm in a power chair so it was too much for them. So more I'm on my own.

It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life...

How I'm Dealing With the Challenges

I created a group on Facebook called "Martha journey through cancer". It's a place for me to journal and my friends on Facebook, and whoever wanted to follow my journal joined. They give me the support I needed and it has been the best thing for me!

What Can You Do to Help Other Cancer Patients

Your family really needs you to be there for them more than ever!

Mental health is just as important in this journey as any medicine!

God Bless you all!


Thank you

Lisa Bell February 05, 2022

May God continue to be with you on your jorney . keep the faith and do not give up the fight
Keep posituve people around you at all times .

Dianna January 28, 2022

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