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Check out some advice from survivors and those who are fighting cancer right now! More than surviving and fighting they are thriving! Get inspired and be a Thriver!

“The loss of my mother brought me to my relationship with God, a terribly dreadful loss but a blessing as well, for my life would not be what it has and is if I never lost her. I went to therapy for many many years and even still now I do, it’s good to talk things through. We all have different ways of coping through different things, but if someone you love has cancer, support them, love them, and cherish the time you have with them.”  
~Elena Bates
    Cynthia found her cancer at stage 3 and in three months she showed no sign of cancer! “I know that every day is a gift. And I thank God for sending me to these talented and wonderful doctors.”
    ~Cynthia Whitford
      March 28, 2021, a few days after my 40th birthday I was diagnosed with H.lymphoma it was a shocker, I was able to start chemotherapy come April but the fevers had me down for 6 weeks. When I hit 105.6 degrees, it landed me in the hospital. On May 26th I was fighting for my life. After 6 blood transfusions with antibodies, I'm still here happy to say I am cancer-free!
      ~Sasha Cammarata 
        I had surgery on May 8, 2021, and started Chemotherapy on July 6, 2021. I have Stage 3 Colon Cancer. My family and friends are very supportive. I have emotional days but overall I am doing well mentally and emotionally.
        I am strong and I am going to beat this! 
        ~Diannr Duursma
          The best tip I could give is just to take it one day at a time and try to keep a positive mind and keep all the negative vibes away and out of your life.
          ~Doretha Clark
            I was told that the cancer I had was a very fast pace cancer, and if I hadn't found it,  I probably wouldn't have been here today, but God is good, I got so sick off of chemotherapy, lost some weight, couldn't eat, was hospitalized so many times, the chemo name was Texotere and it was pulled off the market I heard because it had terrible side effects. My hair never grew back, but I’m alive so thank God I had some wonderful doctors. They told me they were going to help me get through this and my doctor made sure I had a mentor, someone who had been through cancer before, who could help me cope, and she was sent by God. So I want to thank God!
            ~Linda Owens

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