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Loss all of my hair from Chemo,I have liver Cancer

Mary Stepp October 29, 2021


barbara iannone September 15, 2021

Had got Breast Cancer 5 years ago stage 4 the chemo took my hair out. Still dealing with treatment every 3 weeks haven’t yet had surgery and radiation on the brain.But I thank God still alive I will love to get one of the wigs to build my confidence backup.

Daisy Washington September 13, 2021

Wig 27 med size 3139129971

Karen need of hair peace July 16, 2021

Fourth go around with cancer. This time its taking the last parts of my woman hood that are left. Perhaps a wig would cover up what’s left of my hair…anything has to look better than this scraggly stuff.

Becky Frantzen July 08, 2021

I need a wig ! Lost all my hair due to kemo

Kathy burr July 01, 2021

I need a wig I am doing kimo I lost my hair on my first treatment. I am still doing kimo I yoke cancer in my uterus

Mary redford June 12, 2021

Diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2020. I’m nearing the end of chemo treatment and will likely have radiation and 5 years hormonal therapy. Lost most of my hair and shaved off remaining wisps. Would love to have a wig to feel confident to step out.

Evelyn Asakura June 08, 2021

I went through chemo last year and radiation treatment for colon cancer had a mastectomy in 2010 and also have Lupus severe alopecia i have a bald head and have a small head i want to look normal again i hate being called baldhead with 1 breast have wore the same bra since my breast surgery i can’t find the same brand anywhere. Please help me if you can.Thank you.I haven’t chose from your selection but will try.

Nathalie McNealy May 30, 2021


Elaine Edgarton May 22, 2021

I have stage 3 colorectal cancer. I’ve been in chemo and radiation treatment for a year.I always had very thick and long hair. Now I have 1/3 of my hair and is broken off.I would love to get a wig!

Georganne alberts May 21, 2021

I’ve had radation and chemotherapy I’m going 1once a month now ,all my hair came out,I’m in need of a wig would love to have human hair wig

Rhonda Allison May 20, 2021

I was diagnosed with multiple myloma in December. I will have chemo and radiation. I have always had long hair.
I need human hair for coloring, and styling.

Joan Stewart May 19, 2021

Breast cancer…lyphodema..hair just isn’t growing..chemo.now herceptin for a year….don’t go out….

Judy Gibbons May 17, 2021

I am losing my hair due to chemotherapy. I’ve been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that has spread through mt body. I’d love a wig !!! Thanks in advance.

Danielle Villano May 16, 2021

Had several wigs, that I bought because of brain cancer and none of them fit right so I donated them to the American cancer society here in Knoxville Tn
Now my hair is refusing to grow….help

Drucilla Brewer April 16, 2021

I recently fell and I had to get surgery on my brain to remove the blood. All while I was in the hospital, no one did anything with my hair.My hair was really long and always was.For religious reasons I never cut it. The hospital staff let it go until it was so matted up that my daughter and a friend of ours had to practically shave it all off. I’ve got burr holes in my head from the surgery and I can see and feel them. I don’t leave the house. I need a long wig so I can go see my doctor again to get another MRI.

Melba Kelly April 09, 2021

Need wig,my hair came out .cuz I had C19

Barbra April 08, 2021

I need a short wig my hair is thinning on top from chemo pills and radiation

Çynthia Godsey April 06, 2021

Fighting cancer since 2017 but blessed survivor twice colan and Liver!! In remission but hair will not grow in length just thicker want shoulder length wig please

Donna Moschner April 01, 2021

diagnoised March 2016 partial mass, came back 3/2020, now in bones. hair looks like chicken down so sad how I look, Hope I get one

Linda March 27, 2021

Need a new wig I paid for the one I have
Lost my hair from cancer

Alice Rasmussen March 26, 2021

I need a new wig.

Alice Rasmussen March 26, 2021

hope i get one

sue e caldwell March 25, 2021

Got cancer in 2015 went to university of Michigan on May 7th had my operation lost hair never came back in right and iv been suffering with skin cancer my meds make my hair fall out

Kaithern Marshall March 12, 2021

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