How to wear the Adapt Air Breast Form

  1. Place the breast form and the pump device, separately, in front of you.
  2. Place the pump under the bra strap of the opposite side, so that both hands are free. Slide the bra strap down on the breast form side.
  3. Connect the pump by putting the cannula (tube) into the marked valve opening on the side of the breast form. Open the valve inlet by gently squeezing the thumb and index finger together. Make sure you insert the cannula completely into the valve.
  4. Once the cannula is securely inserted into the breast form, place the breast form into the bra cup (not inside the cup).
  5. Bring the bra strap back into the correct position.
  6. Adjust the volume of the breast form by squeezing and releasing the pump ball. To release air, press the button on the black drain valve and gently press against the breast form, deflating air as needed.
  7. Once the adjustment is completed, remove the cannula carefully from the valve. The air will stay locked in the air chamber.
  8. Now the breast form is adjusted for a custom fit. Take the form out of the cup and put it into the pocket of your bra.

Please note: Once the air is adjusted, it will remain locked-in until you increase or reduce air as needed. If you want to add or remove the air, the cannula must be fully inserted into the valve.


I had double mastectomy 12 years ago, no reconstruction. This Amoena air bra look’s perfect for me, the ones I have are old. I have Aetna health coverage, do U kno if these are covered?

Rhonda Barnes February 26, 2023

It seems a little coplacated to me I talk to my surgeon on March 1st

Leoma Martinez February 14, 2023

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