How to wear the Amoena Contact?


Cleanse your chest wall thoroughly. Afterwards, make sure the area is completely dry. The cleaner and drier your skin is, the better the breast form will adhere. Please do not touch the adhesive surface of the breast form as this may affect adhesion. 

  1. Slide your bra strap down over your shoulder and ship your arm out. Lean forward.
  2. Using the hand of your other side, take hold of your bra strap and pull the bra cup away from your body. 
  3. Take the breast form in the palm of your hand, and still it in the cup of your bra. Make sure the breast form sits perfectly in the cup.
  4. The more tapered side of the breast form should be positioned at the top of the bra cup where it joins the strap. 
  5. Place your free hand on the outside of the bra cup. Slowly stand upright, pressing the breast form gently onto your chest wall. 
  6. Pull your bra strap up over your shoulder and press the breast form once more, to make sure it is firmly attached.
  7. Check the fit. If the position of the breast form needs to be adjusted, simply remove the breast form and reposition.


  1. Grasp the breast form with one hand and lean forward until you feel the weight of the breast form in your hand.
  2. Starting at your side, pull the breast form carefully away from your body. 
  3. If the adhesive surface accidentally sticks together during removal, it can easily be separated by holding it under running water.

Note: Fingertips should be placed as close as possible to the edge of the breast form, not directly on the back adhesive area. And be careful, long fingernails may damage the breast form.


  1. Put three drops of the Soft Cleanser on the adhesive surface and then moisten the Soft Brush with lukewarm water.
  2. Scrub the adhesive surface with the Soft Brush firmly for several seconds in circular movements, using pressure.
  3. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.
  4. Allow to air-dry.
Note: Please note that the length of time the adhesion lasts varies for each woman and depends on the care of the form. Thorough and regular care is essential.

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