I still remember when I found out I have cancer... By Alice K.

Day I found out I have cancer

I still clearly remember the day I found out I had breast cancer. The only person I knew to call was my aunt, who is a two-time survivor. She let me cry and cry to my heart's content. She began to tell me what to expect. She said my skin would start changing color, hair would start to fall out, and more.

Eventually, everything started to happen. Oh my god, I panicked, my hair began to fall, and my hands and feet turned so black. During this time, my aunt would send me a card every week and still does to this day. She is my Hero.

Cancer Support Groups

I wanted to join support groups, but I couldn't. I wasn't because there weren't any. I couldn't accept the fact I had Cancer. I couldn't bear to sit around and share stories with people about something which I hadn't come to accept. There are support groups everywhere. But first, one needs to accept the fact that they have Cancer.

It's been 2 years, and I am still working on trying to accept it.

My Diagnosis

One day, I woke up and had this fatty pocket in my left breast. I assumed that I might have slept on top of the TV remote, so I went on with my day. Two days later, I saw it was still there. I thought that if it doesn't go away until Monday, then I will go to the doctor. I scheduled a mammogram. When I went to the doctor, I mentioned to them what I found. A couple of days later, they called to schedule a biopsy. In one breathe they told me,

"you have breast cancer."

They started making all these plans, but I couldn't comprehend anything. After leaving the doctor's office, I sat in my car in the parking lot for over an hour and just kept crying before I could drive home. I couldn't understand what I had done for God not to love me.

Struggle With Chemo

I was so afraid, but my children were right there by my side. It was all a mess. It was like I just kept moving with no direction. First, I had the port put in. Then the actual treatment began, the first treatment was a nightmare. The staff, other patients, and even patient family members talked with me and walked me through.

Lord, when my hair started to fall, it felt like my life was over. I thought that I would never go outside. I had bone aches and nausea after the treatment. I had to go back the following day to get a shot, but my insurance company wouldn't pay for the patch. That shot put me down in a bad way.

But God and family kept me moving forward. I always had faith, but this made my faith stronger. My favorite saying is

"Lord You Said By Your Stripes MY BODY is Healed".

This gave me a sense of peace.

My Family

My friend of 12 years stopped coming around. We still talked, but he always had a reason for why. My children were great even when I tried to be brave in my pain. The guys I worked with were always there for me.

I am blessed to be surrounded with so much love.


I was diagnosed with tripple negative breast cancer stage 3. I’ve done 16 rounds of chemo which I hated. I will be have surgery in both breat on Friday December 3rd 2021. I figured if got got me through the chemo he’ll get me through this surgery. I realize that my journey should be better than chemo. All I can do is 🙏 . I will also need a hysterectomy my genetics came back with cancer mutations. I will fight this for my mom my kids and my grandbabies. I will not let cancer win. My prayers to all and don’t give up.

Alicia vanvorst November 30, 2021

35 breast cancer survior now lung

Renee russo November 24, 2021

O have been fighting this fight for almost 2 years. And my saying is I am healed by your strips🙏🏾
I shall live and not die🙏🏾
I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me🙏🏾

Felicia Wilson November 11, 2021

I just found out I have Throat Cancer. I take Radiation and Chemo. It’s painful so I put it in God’s Hands to help me through. I’d Love to speak with someone that has experienced it to let me know what to expect.

LaSonia Winston November 08, 2021

I just found out I have breast cancer on 9-13-21 so I’m starting my journey. I want to live not just survive I’ll b 45 in one day which I have my second treatment on my bday… I am a warrior I will raise from these ashes. I’m scared but hey my father has me always has… anyway cause of strong beautiful woman like yourself I can do this thanks so much

Mandy White October 27, 2021

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