Diagnosed with Colon Cancer right after coming to terms with muscular dystrophy. - Teri T.

We asked Terri T. to tell us about her colon cancer journey. We hope that her experience will become an inspiration for those facing similar challenges as well as advice. 


Teri, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I recently was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer which metastasized to both ovaries.

How did you first become aware of your cancer?

On March 26th, 2021 the Dr called and told me what my diagnosis was, I was in shock.  I had been diagnosed the previous year with muscular dystrophy, and I was just coming to terms with it. 

So what did they suggest doing after telling you about your diagnosis?

They took me in for emergency surgery and removed over half of my colon, they left about a foot of my large intestines and both ovaries. Out of 88 lymph nodes they took, 5 were cancerous. The doctors and I decided chemotherapy was needed. So I am currently doing 12 rounds of it.

You went through chemo, right? What were somethings that really affected your lifestyle?

Yes I started chemo and my hair became really thin. It falls out by the handful. You can see my scalp in a lot of places. I stay nauseated. I have gained a lot of weight.(which is very embarrassing)

How did your family or friends react to your diagnosis?

I think my diagnosis has brought my family closer. We have really stepped back and look at things with a more open mind, and try not to take things for granted anymore.

Wow, your story is very inspiring, thank you so much for sharing this with us and allowing us to be part of your journey. We wish you the best of luck and you WILL get through this!

 Thank you!

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I pray god blesses yu thru yur situation I no how yu feel I hve to do chemo also I was diagnosed wth Pancreatic cancer nd I stress alot bout it bc of my grandkids nd daughter I pray god blessed us both wth along life nd we beat tis thg called cancer nd jesus holy name

Mary W January 08, 2022

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