When I First Felt a Lump - Blanca M.

The Day I Found Out

I felt a lump under my right breast while examining myself in the shower, like always. In the morning I called my doctor and got a referral for tests. The same day I got my ultrasound and mammogram the Dr told me it was cancer.

Got biopsies to confirm.

The day before my son's high school graduation got diagnosed with triple negative ductal carcinoma breast cancer in metastasis. It was like a nightmare. Lots of thoughts, lots of crying. I felt sad and worried for my children. 

Chemo Sideffects

Chemotherapy is bad.

Everytime I get one (I am getting the "red devil" ones) I feel very sick, weak, depressed, not hungry, nauseated, in pain for the next week and a half. Lost my hair, lost weight and there is a lot of things that I don't eat anymore because I am trying to stay healthy. 

Tips I Found Helpful

Eat healthy. That helps a lot with the after chemo feeling!

It is ok to cry and let out all what you feel but wash your face and get up and fight for your health, it is worth it. 

My Kids Are My Support

I am alone here. My family lives all in PR and I live in Florida. But our relationship is strange anger than ever. We FaceTime every week and at every chemo so the can be with me during this hard process.

My kids are my biggest support but my son couldn't go to college because of all the expenses and he can't concentrate well in class. My ex-husband is helping a lot with my needs and my appointments and paying bills. But we can't go out like before or do things like before.


My daughter goes to church every Wednesday for a youth group. She always ask for prayers for us and for me.

The teachers on day put together a gift bag which had a lot of nice books, a study bible and some journals. That made my day and now I am writing about my journey fighting cancer. 

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My name is Carolyn Lewis I am 26 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 25 I want to think God that I had find the lamp on my right breast I wouldn’t be here to say I just had my son and I thought it was just breast milk was left in there so I went to the my OBGYN doctor and I told him that I felt a lamp and he describe me to go get a breast exam done that what I did and 3 or 4 days later the doctor call me and told me it was cancer I was so afraid I cry the whole time but they say it was early think God it was I had get Chemo and Radiation yea I lost all my hair in Chemo I just got finishing with Chemo in March 18th now I just start my Radiation now they didn’t move my left breast they say that one was healthy but they did remove my right breast and my lymph nodes I had to get two surgeries and I was pregnant with my th fifth baby at that time doing my Chemo he came early he is 2 months now he little thing he was a premature baby born 4 pound and 6 ounce he came out a healthy handsome little boy.

Carolyn Lewis April 28, 2022

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