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Breast Forms - The Fitting Process

Comfort is the first step! If you’re looking for a new breast form we highly recommend that you talk to one of our specialists at TRS for advice on how to get the right measurements (*In-person fittings coming soon). Breast Form-fitting can be complicated, but we are here to help you! Try to seek expert guidance when getting the breast form sizes because your body naturally changes shape over time. It can change with age, diet, eating habits, and of course during and after the treatment.

You can call in and get help from one of our customer service agents who can guide you on how to get the right measurements. 

Questions you can ask the agent?

  • You can ask for information on how to measure for good fitting
  • Tell them about the look and feel of the breast form. If there is any sort of uncomfort, make sure to let them know!
  • Also, make sure to ask questions about the care, wearing instructions, accessories for the form, and what the return policy is.

Measure Bra Band and Cup size:

Follow these steps to find your bra and breast form size. To calculate your bra size you must know both band (underbust) and cup (overbust) measurements. Have someone help you in this process! 

How to Measure Bra Band Size (Underbust)

Let’s start with the band size, make sure to get a tape measure, and someplace to write down all the measurements!

  1. Stand with your arms on your side while still wearing your bra. Have someone place the tape measure around your body directly under the breast (this is where the bra band is). Make sure that it is firmly in place and slightly lower at the back.
  2. Round the measurement up or down to the nearest whole number (31 ½ in = 32 in)
  3. If this measurement is an even number add 4 inches
    If this measurement is an odd number add 5 inches.
    The result is your band size. 

(Special Note: If the rib cage is more than 38 inches, you will add fewer inches because the larger the elastic band the more it will stretch. You may need to only round to the next even number)

How to Measure Bra Cup Size (Overbust)

Now let’s measure your cup size!

  1. Continue keeping your arms down with your bra on. This time have someone measure you halfway round from the center of your chest wall at the sternum, all the way to the center of your back. It must be over the fullest part of the remaining breast.
  2. Double the measurement, but THIS time do not round up or down. The result you get will be the overbust - or cup - measurement.
  3. Subtract the band size (the first underbust measurement) from the cup measurement (the overbust measurement). The difference you will get will be the cup size!

Example: If the second measurement is 19 inches, you can double that and you will get an overbust measurement of 36. The difference would be 2 inches. Looking at the cup measurement chart, you can see the difference of 2 inches gives a cup size of “B”.

* Information Credited to Amoena

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